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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen @ 6750 Winston Churchill Blvd

6750 Winston Churchill Blvd, Mississauga, On L5n 4c4

(905) 997-9229

Louisiana-inspired fast-food chain known for its spicy fried chicken, biscuits & sides.

Halal Certified · Fast Food · American · Chicken · Beverages · Dessert · Western

Monday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Thursday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Saturday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Sunday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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Reviews on Google (3.9/5.0)

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Henry C

Rated 1.0/5.0 8 months ago

This location has been going downhill for a while now. Ordered a 3 piece combo, and this is all the fries I got, seriously ? Along with a 5 piece tenders combo the fries in that one was barely any more that this too. The fries are the cheapest part of the meal, I don't really care for the biscuit either. The chicken look like it was yesterday's refried for today, not the typical juicy and hot fresh chicken. Another thing, why was the chicken so salty? Did Popeye change their recipe ?

Batool Jaffer

Rated 5.0/5.0 7 months ago

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a popular place for all the time. Everyone loves it. 6750 Winston Churchill Blvd Mississauga that the location of this place. They have a nice sitting arrangement for the people to dine in the facility. The staff and the customer service are so good and friendly. We have a great time and enjoy the yummy food. This Popeyes provides you Halal meats Louisiana style c hicken . They also have other things, too, like tea,coffee, ice cream, juices, and flavor yougert etc etc. It's a nice place to visit and have a great time with family and friends.

Sandra Moawad

Rated 5.0/5.0 in the last week

Really really really kind staff that would actually greet you unlike other fast food places. Great option for late eats and it’s the best fried chicken and quantity and price is very fair . No complaints always good. I have been coming here 4 years and always look forward to coming here again. Keep up the hard work guys.

Mr. D'

Rated 5.0/5.0 2 months ago

I absolutely love visiting this Popeyes outlet! Although it's a bit of a journey for me, the experience is truly worth it. The staff at this location is incredibly friendly and goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. I believe the supervisor's name is Mamoona (I hope I got that right), and she is not only a wonderful person but also extremely easy to interact with. Even on the busiest days, they manage to maintain a quick and efficient service. The chicken and fries are always fresh and ready to enjoy. They express genuine gratitude to every customer who walks through the door and even apologize if there's a slight wait, all to ensure that the chicken and fries are delivered at their absolute best. I highly recommend everyone to pay a visit to this outstanding location. A big thanks to the staff and the amazing supervisor for running this establishment so effectively.


Rated 4.0/5.0 a year ago

Who can resist them selves when they have found Halal Popeyes where everything you can eat is available. Over all its ani e and clean place with Frozen Yogurt self service counter. We made several stop here within a week most of the time we were served with hot fresh food, but there times where tenders were cold. The customer service is great. One thing they need to work on their AC ventilation, during our visit the store felt too hot to sit in and it was unbearable for us to eat inside because of the heat. Sorry have no pictures of food as we couldn’t wait for the pictures to be taken.


Rated 5.0/5.0 in the last week

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a flavorful haven for fans of Southern-inspired fried chicken! Their menu offers a variety of crispy and spicy chicken dishes that pack a punch. The casual and welcoming atmosphere, along with their signature Cajun flavors, creates a satisfying dining experience. Whether you're indulging in their famous chicken sandwich, enjoying a hearty meal combo, or trying their delectable sides, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen delivers on bold and delicious taste. It's a go-to destination for those looking to enjoy a Southern-inspired feast that's sure to satisfy your craving for flavorful fried chicken.

Summer **

Rated 5.0/5.0 11 months ago

Best friend chicken that is not just cooked to perfection but is juicy and moist from the inside. The fries were crispy and biscuit was warm and soft. Recently visited their Winston Churchill and Aquitaine avenue branch and the service was fabulous. The server mamoona was courteous, friendly and helpful. You don't usually see this kind of warm welcome and attitude in most places these days. She really made us feel welcomed and important. Overall great experience.

Dulce A

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Food is great. Love the fries and the nuggets. Nice staff


Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

This restaurant is very delicious and very clean, and the employees there are wonderful and very kind, and their service is excellent and wonderful. I would like to thank a wonderful and very kind employee named Maysoon, one of the most wonderful and kindest people I have ever seen in my life. I thank you very much for your kindness and performing your duty with all love and friendliness. The most wonderful Popeyes meals in this restaurant.


Rated 4.0/5.0 7 months ago

This location has quick service for mobile/ inperson order. If you are spicy food lover ,their ghost pepper sandwich is must try. The 4 for 4$ pies is a great deal. pies are always fresh and hot. We love chicken tenders and fries.. always good. The biscuit that comes along with combo is ok . Poutine was great option if you want to upgrade the combo …untill last few times that we tried and the cheese curds had some off taste.. we did inform the staff about that and the next time we tried again the same experience and hence avoiding poutine. Popeyes mobile app do offer good deals sometimes.

Khaled Abuosbeh

Rated 5.0/5.0 2 years ago

Great and pleasant staff, quick service, will prepared sandwiches. Ordered classic and spicy chicken sandwiches, and three pieces of chicken ! Since the weather ice machine wasn’t working, the manager offered us bottled cold drinks, which is generous! Many customer go in and out quickly because of the staff and management effectiveness

Steven J

Rated 1.0/5.0 in the last week

⚠️Please read this!!!⚠️ Whenever I come to this popeyes, the manager always gives us waiting time. If there’s so many people taking chicken why don’t they drop more chicken? they have no chicken at all! what are they saving for? this is not okay. I heard one of the manager named Mamona saying drop less. that’s why we wait 20-30 minutes per person just to get chicken. This is a fast food restaurant and I waited half hour to get my chicken

Sedra Safia

Rated 2.0/5.0 a month ago

I ordered yesterday evening through uber eats the family 8 piece meal along with extra sides of mac and cheese as well as mashed potatoes with gravy. the food was ok but i was mostly disappointed with their sizes at this locations. First of all, the popcorn shrimp is nowhere near the looks or size of what they have displayed on uber and barely looks like shrimp and more like mini nuggets. you can see in the picture how small they are on my hand compared to the size and shape they have advertised on uber and their website. on top of that, the chicken pieces were extremely small and the drumsticks were around the size of my thumb and barely had actual meat. felt like i was just eating the skin and bones and barely tasted any meat which is total rip off. didn’t expect to pay around 90 dollars for a bunch of chicken bones.

Nehir Selin

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

The food and the service always has been well at this location. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Monique Mckenzie

Rated 1.0/5.0 a week ago

You would think that when these restaurants raise their prices that they would atleast try to better their service as well. Advertised EVERYWHERE it shows that the wings are clearly tossed and COVERED in sauce. When I call the lady proceeds to tell me that the way I received my wings are how they were told to make them.. it looks like to me that this restaurant is trying to cheap out on sauce. Did not recieve buttermilk ranch like asked. And the best part is that these onion rings were ABSOLUTELY HORRID. What in the world is that gooey substance coming out ??? And why are the rings not seperated?? It literally had a huge piece of onion (3-4 rings)thrown in batter and it’s undercooked... I expect to get a reply as soon as possible in regards to why this restaurant thinks it’s okay to serve customers this kind of food. To anyone reading this.. I suggest a different location. On top of that if I get sick , that’s another problem heading your way.


Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

This place, Winston Churchill and Aquitaine location, is spotlessly clean everytime. The ladies Samiha and Maysoun are wonderful and so dedicated. They are quick and friendly and are always cleaning. I’ve never seen a cleaner fast food restaurant. They are to be commended. If I owned a business I would try to get them to come work for me! The staff in the back are also quick. The owner and manager should be happy to have these ladies as employees and should be recognized! Thank you

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