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Uncle Penyet @ One Punggol Hawker Centre

1 Punggol Dr, Singapore 828629 #02-01

$5 · Halal Certified · Food Court · Malay · Indonesian · Chicken · Vegetarian · Nasi Ayam Penyet

Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM Sunday: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM

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Reviews on Google (3.8/5.0)

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Rated 5.0/5.0 6 months ago

One Punggol is super spacious with a lot of seats around, no need to worry not enough seats. 1st time trying Uncle Penyet and I’m glad I made the right choice. I enjoyed a lot till the very last bite! The chilli is superb, chicken is crispy, curry on my rice makes everything more tastier and tofu was good too. After my dinner I even tabao back for my dad too and he mentioned the same as me. They charge 30cents for takeaway, which is fine to me. For a price $6.50 eating in, I’ll definitely visit this stall again.

Joe C.H. Ng

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Chicken was well marinated and well cooked, as was the fried beancurd and rice. Chilli was a bit salty but still spicy, so that was the only minor quibble I have with this dish. You can also replace the white rice with brown rice for 20 cents extra charge.


Rated 4.0/5.0 a year ago

Fastest turnaround queue in the entire One Punggol Hawker centre. Ayam Penyet was not dry, slightly moist n juicy. Chilli was excellent! Quite worth it for $6.50


Rated 4.0/5.0 12 months ago

Got the ayam penyet ($6.50) which was succulent and crispy. Enjoyed it a lot, though it was on the oiler side.

Red Head

Rated 1.0/5.0 2 months ago

Went to eat here the other day. Rice was hard like half cooked. Garouper fish smells and taste very fishy. Disappointed. Ends up eating bits of the fish and rice all wasted. Not coming back.

Han Sin Chia

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

Chicken is juicy, the fish is sweet. The sauce n curry n chili are very good. Overall best!

Joanna Lee

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Best Ayam penyet I’ve eaten thus far!!! Very friendly Malay aunty and uncle (younger). Portion is huge & filling. The chicken meat is tender even after frying it. It’s always served hot and warm!! I love the curry sauce they put on the rice and best part, uncle gave extra when he overheard my conversation with my husband wanted more haha! Generous & yummy! Highly recommended!!

Ravin Raj G.

Rated 1.0/5.0 4 months ago

She said she'll give me a $1.00 discount from set if I didn't want rice. I said ok. And when she didn't and I asked her, she said the set is without rice when the posters clearly mentions that the $10.20 set comes with rice. I bought 2 sets, so $1.00 also you want to cheat me ah makcik? Adoi! Food is tasteless, bakso soup was undercooked and lacking any flavour. Will never ever eat here again.


Rated 2.0/5.0 3 months ago

Just because you are working alone and handling many online orders, doesn't mean you can be rude and showing attitude to walk-in customers. We were gonna spend our money there but the attitude displayed by the makcik was the deal breaker. Zero customer centric approach.

Jason Ng

Rated 4.0/5.0 a month ago

Fairly ok for Ayam penyet meal. No soup and some crispies offered. Gravy has flavour but lacks punch.


Rated 5.0/5.0 2 months ago

pretty large portion. chicken was juicy and crispy. spicy and worth