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Auntie Anne's @ Paya Lebar Quarter

10 Paya Lebar Rd Paya Lebar Rd, K7 Plq Mall, Singapore 409057 #B2-K7

Global chain of counters dispensing sweet & savory soft pretzels with a variety of toppings & dips.

$5 · Halal Certified · Bakery · Beverages · American · Dessert · Snacks · French

Monday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Thursday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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Reviews on Google (2.5/5.0)

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Claudia Benedict

Rated 1.0/5.0 a year ago

I HARDLY leave bad reviews but today’s experience was horrid. I’ve always love’s auntie Anne’s pretzels and the quality was as I remembered. However, I normally receive a more generous portion of chocolate for the eclairs compared to today which was rather pathetic. And I always get the cinnamon sugar added on top. I was willing to pay for extra chocolate and cinnamon but the lady in the red shirt (the manager i guess?) said “oh there’s no button to press so i can’t give you that”. Huh?? Is Cinnamon sugar SO expensive and rare that you can’t even just give me SOME? So terribly horrid. Will never support this outlet ever again.

Anita M

Rated 1.0/5.0 5 months ago

Terrible experience. Maylie of this branch is rude to the point of nastiness. Left this branch in tears, will never frequent Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzel ever!

Sgfood Lover

Rated 1.0/5.0 7 months ago

Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels (PLQ) Bought a green tea pretzel, staff hand is so wet and touch the food etc. The water is splashing everywhere. Feel disgusting ended up throw away my food

Charles Poiron

Rated 5.0/5.0 a year ago

Cinnamon sugar pretzels are the best snack. Outlet is often busy, crowded and occasionally runs out of the good stuff...


Rated 4.0/5.0 a year ago

Got the parmesan cheese and 3 other pretzels, the cheese taste as amazing as I remembered but unfortunately, it turned cold/room temperature way too quickly, like it wasn't really warm in the first place. After 5 minutes or less of walking around with the pretzels, it turned to normal temperature which is why I'm giving this a 4/5 stars.


Rated 5.0/5.0 10 months ago

Always love the Cinnamon sugar pretzel and Éclaire stix. The stall was not so busy when I was there. The stuff are very friendly.

Hanim Yusoff

Rated 1.0/5.0 5 months ago

Went to PLQ Auntie Anne on 31/7/23 4:50pm. Only two staff on shift, one chinese girl in red tshirt served us as the cashier. I alrdy opened my acct page to the QR code so it would be easy to redeem my rewards and staff wouldnt have to wait for me. But this girl said, oh you have to give your phone number. As a person who has worked retail for 4 years, and always scanning my QR code at other AA outlets, I know when staff try to pull this kind of stunt it is just bcos they are lazy to get to the scan QR code page. She processed the payment and I asked her, so am I supposed to scan QR or give you my phone number? She gave me a dirty look (Malays call it "jeling") and said, oh sorry i forgot. Then did not proceed with any service recovery, she just left it at that. Safe to say I wont be buying with this staff working the counter.


Rated 3.0/5.0 a year ago

Auntie Anne’s Payalebar. 4 staff, 3 at the preparation area, 1 Auntie serving customer + cashiering 😞. She the only one serving customers. Super long Q. Please help her.

Guan Shen

Rated 3.0/5.0 2 months ago

Like the almond pretzel but not sure why today it has a taste of mothballs.. Wonder they changed recipe or contaminated


Rated 3.0/5.0 4 months ago

Came here to redeem the Samsung $2 pretzel promo. Quite worth it because the RRP is $3.80 so almost 50% off. Got the cinnamon pretzel, quite nice but I won't pay retail for this though.

Davis Ng

Rated 1.0/5.0 4 months ago

Worse ever outlet. Staff can’t be bothered. We order cinnamon and sour cream and when we got it, there’s hardly any powder on it. Terrible staff


Rated 1.0/5.0 3 months ago

the pretzels are okay but the staff who was wearing the SP shirt, her face was black like charcoal when she served us, as if we owe her money or something.