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The Original Botak Jones @ 153 Kampong Ampat

153 Kampong Ampat, Jun Jie Industrial Building, Singapore 368326 #07-05

8826 2335

$10 · Muslim Owned · Mixed Food Court · BBQ · Western · Mediterranean · Lamb · Beef · Beverages · Chicken · French · American

Monday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM Wednesday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM Thursday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM Friday: 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM Sunday: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM

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Eric Toh

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 months ago

The last time i visited Botak Jones was more than a decade. If i remember correctly the last time i visited Botak Jones was during 2007 at their Clementi branch, a fellow colleague brought me there saying the food was good and generous in portion. Back then their fries was free flow. The food now is still delicious and generous in portion. Price is worthy of its quality and large portion. I arrange to meet with a few colleagues for lunch and arrived early. While waiting for them to arrived the service staffs saw me and invited me to have a seat inside while i wait. I ordered food before my colleagues arrived so that they can chow upon arrival. When food was served and the staffs saw that my colleague has yet to arrive , she took aluminium foil to cover up their food so that it would still be warm upon their arrival. Service was exceptionally good.

Douglas Seah

Rated 5.0/5.0 a year ago

Wasn’t easy to locate this place unless you drive. Even so, you have to figure out where to park. Ordered the classic Cajun chicken with fries. Did not originally wanted any other sides so tried the butter rice which was really good. Good old nostalgic taste I remember more than a decade ago at Clementi. Fantastic portion, fantastic price, will definitely be back again. Service was good, place looks neat and clean. Really damn ulu though. Keep up the good work!

June Lee

Rated 5.0/5.0 10 months ago

Nice nostalgic ambience! Service was good. The elderly and the young bespectacled boy were very friendly and helpful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Food was really great! The star dish for me was the creamy and super yummy mushroom soup! It was really really tasty. Love the Cajun chicken, it was well seasoned and moist. I happened to have some dry fruits in my bag and I added some into the coleslaw, perfect!😋 Will visit again😊

Colleen Tang

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

Held a small gathering to celebrate the new year on 31 Dec 2022. The staff were very pleasant, friendly, helpful and understanding. This is what I call service with a smile! 😁 Love it that it was not too crowded, the food was great and the ambience with fairy lights was excellent! I've been here a few times and the steak has never disappointed us. 😋 Looking forward to more promotions! 😛

Wei Tan

Rated 4.0/5.0 a year ago

So nostalgic to tuck into my fav Cajun chicken and fries once again. I'd say the flavours match up fairly well to the good old days albeit milder on the whole; portion is still as generous (could barely finish my share). Wife tried the gumbo and cheese baked potato and she was pretty satisfied. Definitely worth a visit if you're a fan and happens to be in the area (it's a little out of the way).

Jonah Jagadeshan

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

This unassuming place that serves quality American food at affordable prices. I was here for lunch, the place was almost packed and no wonder because the food is great. The staff is friendly; food is super fresh specially the fish and chips. Everything is super affordable, not expensive at all. I would go back here without second thoughts! It takes a bit longer to find the place, it’s quite hidden but highly recommend it.

Charles Ng

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 months ago

Staff was really friendly, proactive and food was absolutely delicious. I really liked the furniture, esp the large farmhouse tables. The aircon could be stronger/colder but other than that it was a great experience!


Rated 2.0/5.0 5 months ago

McDonald's has better burgers, food here honestly isn't that good. Fries and mushroom soup is OK, but the beef burger is way below par. They mixed up my drink, but to their credit, they offered to fix and change it. I declined (ordered tea without milk or sugar, but they sent a tea with sugar, no milk), but later found out it was super sweet. Service staff here are nice, but the food is a huge disappointment. Any average western store in a hawker centre will match or beat this. I'm never coming back.

Michelle Ling

Rated 4.0/5.0 3 months ago

Was impressed at the value of the standard sized grilled chicken set meal. The price point is lower, portions are bigger and easily more Western in flavour than plenty of non-air conditioned food court and hawker centre Western food stalls. Didn’t wait too long for the food which is cooked upon self-service order and payment. They seem to take only credit cards on their Getz payment system. The deep fried dory was crispy and the fish fillet was quite substantial. grilled bbq chicken breast was spicy and not dry considering the notoriously hard to cook chicken part. But I suggest you request for the thigh if you are ordering it as a takeaway as the residual steaming effect within the packaging will likely render the chicken breast over cooked. It’s not the kitchen’s fault as they have to make sure that the chicken is properly cooked to doneness to avoid food poisoning. The chips/fries have a non spicy and spicy option. If you have kids, it’s better to go for the non-spicy option. And do note that their only non-spicy meal suitable for young kids is the deep fried fish. Even the chicken dawg has spice in the sausage mix. I checked as thought of bringing my friends with young kids. The chilli con carne $7.50 for large, is pretty delicious… if it wasn’t burning up my stomach lining. If you love spicy food, please enjoy this wonderful bowl of sloppy meaty sauce. Of all the items, their iced tea provided 10/10 value at $1.40. It was a good ice lemon tea that gave a choice of sugar or sugar free option. Obviously house-made. Well done Botak Jones and team! You’ve brought your ideals, values and good food back to life!!!

kok keong chin

Rated 4.0/5.0 5 months ago

This is our first visit to this branch apart from the Clementi one (20+ years ago). The first impression will be the clean and comfortable dining area that increases our confidence because it is situated in an industrial building. The staffs are friendly and attentive. The fish and chips have exceeded our expectations. Fish meat with great taste and the meal comes with a generous portion of the sides. The only minus point will be the location. Will not be easy to find it without your transport. Overall, we enjoy the experience.

Hax Mays

Rated 4.0/5.0 4 months ago

Quite a unique location in an industrial estate. Warmly greeted when we arrived. Lamb had a little too much fat around the meat. Fish & chips were good. We chose 2 types of flavour for the fries but both tasted the same. Jalapeño poppers were served pipping hot that we had to wait for it to cool down. The fillings inside is quite generous. Burger was average after being hyped by the reviews.

LP Pua

Rated 4.0/5.0 3 months ago

Location is on the 7th floor of an industrial building. It is a very nice and cozy restaurant. Tables are big and spacious. 5 stars for environment and atmosphere. Food was hit and miss. The Botak Burger Set was disappointing. Fries and salad were good, but the burger tasted like it was made from frozen meat. The Cajun Chicken was normal, but some parts were over charred. The fish-&-chips saved the day. It was one of the best we have had. Prices were pocket friendly. Can drinks, usually $2-$3 in restaurants, was coffee shop price here. Charges GST, but no service charges. Overall, an affordable place with good atmosphere and highly recommend the fish-&-chips.

Amber Deux

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 months ago

They have a wide variety of dishes and here's what we've tried. Their food are still good like how it used to be, big portions at affordable prices. 🔹️Lots of Chicken Platter Get to eat 3 kinds of chicken, all perfectly grilled so flavourful and juicy. 🔹️Salmon Fillet Flaky grilled salmon with lemony herb sauce 🔹️Mushroom Soup Creamy with lots of shitake mushroom 🔹️Cheese Fries Made of real cheese, eat them while it's hot before the cheese hardens!

Emily Lek

Rated 3.0/5.0 2 months ago

Happy to be able to eat this again after over 15 years, and the prices are good for their portion. The BBQ chicken with melted cheese was flavourful, while the coleslaw was hearty. But the fries were overly salted - that I didn’t touch them after the first two. Not sure why our food has to be so unnecessarily unhealthy, when it would have tasted much better with less salt too.

Felicia Seet

Rated 4.0/5.0 3 months ago

Pleasant meal here with family! The prices are affordable and servings really generous! My grilled salmon goes well with the garlic cream sauce. Lamb chops came with fatty and charred bits which hubby enjoyed . Staff is very friendly and helpful!

Alice Wong

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

My dinner today at Botak Jones was great! Love their lamb chops and chicken chops. Their mushroom soup was the best! We definitely will be back again!

YeeTing Ang

Rated 5.0/5.0 in the last week

A hidden gem at Tai Seng Industrial area , serves gastronomic quality western food at reasonable prices, with an emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients that are cooked to perfection. 👍🏻🥩 The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, perfect for catching up with friends and family. The staffs were polite and friendly, making the visit an enjoyable experience.

Pearlyn GYT

Rated 5.0/5.0 2 months ago

Value-for-money Western fare in a laid back environment. There was a crowd but food was served quickly. We appreciated that the drinks were not charged at sky high prices and there was even a choice to choose chicken thigh/breast for the BBQ Chicken set and also our salad dressing. Staff were hardworking and meticulous. Will return for their brunch menu!

sucy oktari

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 months ago

This is a good place for western food lovers in Singapore! The foods so yummy with huge portions and affordable price. The Steak is thick and tender. Mushroom soup you must try too. Good to know they are muslim owned establishment certified and available weekend Brunch until 3pm. Definitely recommend this to let you try with friends and family.

Wan W

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

Who hasn't heard of the nostalgic @original_botak_jones, which have been steadily reopening their outlets since 2011. Rebranded as Original Botak Jones, founder Bernie 'Botak' Allen is back to bring the amazing western food everyone loved from their childhood. I tried their Wagyu Striploin Steak, Medium Rare doneness. Look at the gorgeous slab of pink steak yet charred on the outside. The meat was so juicy and tender. Perfection! Their signature Fish and Chips is another staple at their outlet, almost every table has someone ordering this. The size of the fish was huge and it came with a very generous portion of fries. The fish was crispy and flakey, and went well with their special tartar sauce. The sauce was so good I finished it all with the fries.

Matthew Lee

Rated 2.0/5.0 2 months ago

A huge fan of the food offerings at Botak Jones of yesteryears. So one can imagine my utter disappointment after this visit. Gumbo was badly watered down. There used to have bell peppers as well as rice in it. Different recipe made worse. Cajun chicken arrived at room temperature. Waldorf apple had oxidized and turned colour. Breaded fish fillet was dried out tough. The dirty fries was about the online dish I had no complains about. The service staff were lovely and patient despite the weekend full house crowd.

Anna Tan

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

(Instagram @pasteliteseatandshop) @original_botak_jones at 153 Kampong Ampat, around 10mins walk from Taiseng Mrt. Other outlets at the end of post below! Got their - Not So Simple American Breakfast ($14) - Cajun Chicken Burger with 2 Sides ($13.50)(we chose salad and Chicken Gumbo Soup) - Non Spicy Fries ($7) - Tortilla Chips With Whoopass & Cheese ($14) - Homemade Honey Lemon ($1.40 cold) - Super Berries Soda ($4.50) American Breakfast - Two eggs (any style), spicy potatoes/tater tots and smoked chicken ham/ streaky turkey bacon/smoked salmon, toast. We chose Scrambled Eggs, Tater Tots and Bacon, a yummy and hearty meal! 😋 Burger - Cajun chicken thigh, bun, mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, cajun sauce - is yummy too, Chicken thigh is tender! 😍 Fries are not bad, Tortilla Chips With Whoopass Chili is special tho slight spicy! Multiple outlets across SG with affordable prices to satisfy your Western Cravings! 👍🏻 Signatures by Botak Jones outlet 📍 153 Kampong Ampat #07-05 Jun Jie Industrial Building S368326 📍1J Cluny Road S259607 Singapore Botanic Gardens Original Botak Jones 📍118 Depot Lane S109754 📍1550 Bedok North Ave 4 S489950 WhatsApp 88262335 for reservations 100% Muslim Owned Establishment

Su Lin Ang

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

Great place to dine with family and friends. The portions were huge. Ordered their main meals and it comes with 2 side dishes. Mushroom soup is one of their side dish. Love the salmon and the burger is juicy. Price is affordable too!