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Mother Dough Bakery

3 Jln Kledek, Singapore 199259

6909 6604

$4 · Muslim Owned · Cafe · Dessert · Cakes · Pastry · Pie · Bread · Puffs · Almond Croissant

Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Wei Cong

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 weeks ago

Recommended by friend, they serve many types of pastry here and we had tried Almond Croissant, Cookies, and few more and they are all nice. Furthermore, I like the coffee here as well. There are more seating on the 2nd floor and good ambient for coffee talks with friends.

Alex Issokson

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Amazing bakery! I've been trying a lot of different croissants around Singapore, but this was definitely the best almond croissant I've had. It was THICC and pretty rich, so if you don't want something heavy, perhaps try something like the brownie. It is pretty simple (I could probably make some about as good at home), but the salt on top combined with the hazelnut make for a tasty treat. I believe these are two of their signatures.

Elizabeth Jin

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

The BEST almond croissant I’ve ever had in my life. Coffee is not mind-blowing but their bread and pastries are amazing. I will definitely get back here and try every kind of their croissants.


Rated 3.0/5.0 a month ago

Visited at 145pm on a Saturday and we got seats for 2pax easily but lots of items on the weekly specials were sold out. We had the mushroom soup with sourdough - it was really tasty but soup was cold which was a disappointment as it wasn’t that busy. Brioche hot dog was really delicious. Water and cutlery were self service. We expected a little better dine-in service for the price but the quality of bread will have keep us coming back for takeaway.

Alba Tsao

Rated 5.0/5.0 12 months ago

They don’t provide banana cake at this moment. Brownie: I sus they add a bit of caramel. Tasted like it but not sure whether it’s really added. Also inside was rly moisture which was good texture. Sea salt and nuts were also added to enhance more crunchy texture but I would say the lemon cake tasted more fluffy. I was expecting a solid texture tho. Dining area at L2 is closed at this moment due to COVID. All in all, it’s a cute dessert spot to visit and the staffs were super nice too! I’d def visit again. But it would be good if banana cake can be back to the market soon!

Junfang Zhang

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Absolutely delicious baked goods, beautiful interior and ample seating space on the second floor, with utensils and jugs of water available for self serve. My first time visiting, but I’m absolutely floored!! Will be returning frequently—as a lovely spot for a nice afternoon tea, some reading and even light work.

Ays Ays

Rated 3.0/5.0 2 months ago

I do rate 3 starts not because the taste was bad nor service. I couldn’t even try anything because everything was sold out by the time I finally got there after a long day walk. I believe it is a good place. There was just coffee and cinnamon bun which I had and was good indeed. Next time when I go, i’ll be there first in line to try my luck again :)

Ravish M

Rated 5.0/5.0 6 months ago

Good halal bakery with great choices and good staff. We went here first time to explore good simple collection of coffee and bakeries. The staff attitude is very good and pleasant. It would be good for them to offer bread slicing service as not everyone like me have bread cutting knife at home. Was informed that they change some of the bread every month to offer variety to the customers. Taste is good and I recommend this halal bakery to others too.


Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

𝘿𝙖𝙧𝙠 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙠𝙚𝙡𝙪𝙖𝙠 𝙥𝙧𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙘𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙚 𝙗𝙪𝙣 ($8) - Akin to a choc babka, brioche was soft and filled with fudgy layers of dark choc. - Intensely rich bittersweetness followed by earthy notes, wasn’t surfeiting at all surprisingly!! - Rounded off by a slight acidic taste of cacao, I loved the crunchy nibs. [8/10] 𝙏𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡 𝙁𝙧𝙪𝙞𝙩 𝘿𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙨𝙝 ($8.50) - Mango, pineapple and banana filling with cold custard, very refreshing with a light tartness. - Cornmeal crumble reminded me of the frangipane filling of their almond croissant, delightfully sweet! [8.5/10] 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙚 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙗𝙪𝙣 ($5.70) - Savoury parmesan breadcrumbs and chilli flakes with a perfectly crispy cheese on top. - Creamy cheese and stringy mozzarella inside. [8.5/10] 𝙀𝙨𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙤 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙥𝙧𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙩 ($9.50) - Choc ganache was so smooth with an aromatic hazelnut flavour, with sweetness in between a milk and dark choc. - Espresso caramel was slightly gooey but not too sticky, rather muted in caffeine taste though. - Rye tart base was sturdy, holding up the elements well. [7/10] 𝙋𝙚𝙖𝙣𝙪𝙩 𝙗𝙪𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙤𝙖𝙩 𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙗𝙪𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙥𝙪𝙙𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 ($7) - Thick crunchy crumbles packed with sweet and salty peanut butter in between. - Variety of textures with soft eggy custard at the bottom and golden-crisp bread cubes, can get a tad dry so pair it with the creme anglaise (vanilla custard sauce). [7.5/10] 𝘽𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙨𝙚𝙨𝙖𝙢𝙚 & 𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙖 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙨𝙞𝙢𝙞𝙩 ($6.20) - Texture similar to a chewy bagel. - Hints of spices and burned onion taste added a depth of savouriness, looked unassuming but so flavourful, can even enjoy on its own! - Creamy hummus with olive oil and za’atar (spice mixture) paired well with the nuttiness of roasted sesame coating, gave off bold Turkish flavours. [8/10] Overall, I enjoyed all the bakes that we got! Follow @iloafbready Instagram for more food reviews 🥰

Eatstylishtravelstylish Kim

Rated 4.0/5.0 4 months ago

Mother Dough, Jean Kledek: Mother doh! For us as we arrive 2 PM. The early birds cart off the freshest best bakes. Mother Dough has quite a handsome trove of bakes from the reviews I poured through but we were left with the not-so enticing ones. Nonetheless, we contended with the almond croissant and chocolate filled almond croissant which were rock hard and unexciting. The ambience is a cool 3 storey-ed affair with the highest floor sealed off. It’s elegant and a great AC respite from the heat as we cycled here. Just got to come here for the morning first-off bakes. Lesson learnt. #eatstylishtravelstylish


Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

𝗦𝗰𝗿𝗮𝗺𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝗴𝗴𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗲𝗮𝘀 𝗗𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗵 𝘄 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗲𝘀𝗮𝗻 & 𝗖𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲 𝗙𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗲 ($7.50) You know we simply cannot resist any dish with scrambled eggs. This pastry featured a soft and creamy layer of eggs that beautifully oozed out of that cross section. They were generous with the peas, which made the unique sweetness of the peas really prominent (which some may not fancy). The creme fraiche made the pastry really light, and the flakey danish was great for scooping up the eggs. 𝗚𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗰 𝗧𝘄𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝘄 𝗛𝗼𝘁 𝗛𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘆 ($5.50) Among the overwhelming selection of pastries and croissants, the garlic twist caught our eye. After all, it was a pretty croissant twist covered in sesame seeds and shaved parm. This was medley of flavours - the nuttiness from the sesame seeds, saltiness from the cheese, butteriness from the pastry, and sweetness from the hot honey - were all combined together in this savoury delight! This is our first time at Mother Dough and this is definitely not our last. We will be back for their excellent cafe vibes and interesting drink menu, and to try the 𝗧𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮 𝗗𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮 𝗡𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗮 and 𝗢𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗢𝗶𝗹 𝗖𝗮𝗸𝗲 before they’re gone! Follow us on IG @toofoodtomiss for more foodie content!

Melissa Eisner

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

Fantastic fresh baked bread … but if you want any of the baked goodies or specials, make sure you get there when they open and they sell out of items FAST!!!! Highly recommend!

Joel Cho

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

We came here for the modo x part.thai collab but sadly almost everything was sold out, likely due to preorders. Despite, we still ate here, and the food is so smash. The collab pastry, the toastie with prikpao chilli jam, is savoury and sweet and spicy and experimental and delicious. My favourite kind of fusion food. The other modo pastries we ordered, such as the ham and cheese croissant and almond croissant, are really really good. The almond croissant has a sweet filling inside the crisp flaky crust, which prevented it from being too dry. My only complaint is that for a croissant it is a bit too dense. Besides their pastries, their drinks selection is also very interesting, and tastes above the standard for a pastry-focused cafe.

gregory chen

Rated 5.0/5.0 5 months ago

Situated on a quiet lane away from the bustle of city life is Mother Dough, a bread and pastry haven. Those among us who have savoured European fare will appreciate the rounded, slightly tangy aroma of sourdough as well as the open, layered crumb their bakers have achieved. Their beautifully buttery almond croissant struck jackpot with a savoury crust balanced against a mildly sweet almond meal filling. The brioche had the same outer robustness contrasted with the soft, moist centre. Whether hot or cold, the coffees were a smooth, medium roast with lots of body and low acidity, the perfect companion to our pastries. Daily business hours are short, from 10am to 5pm, if they haven’t sold out by then. They are closed on Mondays but also offer a wider selection of pastries and open-faced sandwiches on the weekend. There is ample seating upstairs outside of tea-time hours.

Francesco Benazzi

Rated 4.0/5.0 a month ago

Discovering the charms of Mother Dough, a delightful Muslim-owned bakery tucked away on North Bridge Road, has been a welcome reminder to savor the simple joys of life amidst Singapore's hustle. The term 'Mother Dough' takes center stage, representing the heart of their bread-making craft—fermentation starters crafted from scratch, ensuring each pastry boasts unique characteristics and complex flavors. Venturing inside, the chic and warm interior welcomes you with handsome wooden furniture and lively plants, creating an ambiance that instantly puts you at ease. Though seating is limited, it adds to the cozy charm, with a larger table outside for bigger groups. A peek through the glass door reveals the magic in action, as dedicated bakers bring their creations to life. Arriving a tad late meant settling for a spot near the entrance, which turned out just fine. My order included a decent oat milk latte and a delightful yoghurt and lemon pound cake. While the bakery offers an array of freshly-baked goods, the Almond Croissants have rightfully gained acclaim. What sets Mother Dough apart is their commitment to artisanal techniques, with every bread crafted by hand and baked daily using top-notch ingredients and organic flour. It's a haven for those seeking a moment of respite, where the aroma of fresh pastries and the hum of the bakers at work create an experience worth revisiting. I, for one, will certainly be back to relish more of Mother Dough's delectable offerings.

Mert Cinar

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

Came here for a quick breakfast and the pastries were awesome. We had one with scrambled eggs and green peas and another with chicken and cheese. I liked both, and their coffee was decent too.


Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

The brown butter tart was insanely good. I would return again very soon for that. Ham & cheese croissant was also a few notches above those available in similar-styled bakeries. Wished there would be a little more seatings. Highly recommended

Florence Tan (floo90)

Rated 4.0/5.0 3 months ago

A nice halal bakery cafe to try. They have variety options of pastry, and daily special menu on pastry and beverage. Went twice there for brunch, overall foods wise are good, they have local pastry fusion to try too. Ambience very cosy, chill and clean, nice to have relax brunch day. Staff very friendly and most of the time are self-service, they will only send your food up to dining area.

Sarah Alyaa

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

mother dough is mothering💅 the almond croissant and sour cherry cake w/ riccota cream were yummm! sweetness level was balanced and the croissant was still crispy on the outside but buttery on the inside! i’d say this is one of the best croissants i have had in the area. i’ll definitely go back to try more.


Rated 4.0/5.0 5 months ago

Food is aesthetic. Both the croissants were delicious and the black iced coffee was also pretty good. Liked the cheese in the double savoury croissant as it tasted very nacho-like. The potato salad croissant was also filled with baby potatoes and the creamy went well with the pastry. However I will say the price is on the higher side and the queue can be quite long even though we went when it just opened at 10am on a Saturday. There is seating but may be hard to find.

Rhea Lee

Rated 3.0/5.0 2 weeks ago

LOVED the hot caramel latte ($7.50) but pastry was so-so. Service was hostile and unwelcoming. Items were pretty pricey imo.

fiona ekaristi putri

Rated 5.0/5.0 3 months ago

If you’re looking for a unique and rustic viennoiserie experience in Singapore, this is the place. Buttery and flaky with a complex layer of flavors. Got us a delicious quiche, garlic twist, cinnamon brioche roll, almond croissant, and sausage and cheese croissant. They were all amazing! Will be back!

Khai (Khai's Diary)

Rated 3.0/5.0 in the last week

I'd give them a solid 3/5 to be honest. They do have good chai. I'm sad they don't have matcha latte. We also came around lunch and there wasn't much stuff left. Update. Came back again. early this time. I was the first 3 in line. There was 4 others behind. Wanted to see what the hype is all about but I really can't.. I tried their cereal milk this time.. And the chilli jam ham. It was okay? The cereal milk was the best so far but it wouldn't make me wanna get out of my bed early just to get them again. Really average.

Cheng Joyce

Rated 4.0/5.0 5 months ago

Great sourdough bread / sandwiches. Bread are freshly made daily and they close when they've sold out for the day. If you're dining in, it takes a while for them to serve. Most likely due to the many takeaway orders they have. It's a great place if you're looking for a place to catch up on quick emails, but not recommended to work due to limited spaces.

Rudy Adrian

Rated 5.0/5.0 4 weeks ago

Tried the cinnamon roll, lil baguette & almond croissant. So far the best dry cinnamon roll i ever had. Gooey inside, you can smell & taste the cinnamon and the sugar also make it a lot better experience in my mouth. Recommended!


Rated 3.0/5.0 3 months ago

Nice little bakery offering a very high quality of food and beverages thought at a fairly inflated price. Walked in on a Sunday afternoon and opted for some baked goodies including the special prawn sesame donut. Tasted good but shocked to see the minute portion at 8 sgd while not even really being filling enough. Topped it off with an almond croissant which was flaky and warm with a nice gooey filling. For drinks, they were kind enough to make me a cold mocha and not an iced one and thankfully they nailed it well. Service is competent and helpful but value for money is not the best.

Isabella chen

Rated 3.0/5.0 a month ago

I had a flat white and a cherry pie. The coffee is very good, comes with two shorts, smooth and flavourful. The cherry pie had a lovely crust, but the filling was way too sweet. I really wanted to like it but it was simply far too sweet. The pairing with the cream cheese is a great idea though. Portions are generous which is nice. But I couldn’t finish the pie because… too sweet. Would come back if they make their pastries less sweet.

H Lim

Rated 4.0/5.0 in the last week

Won’t go wrong with their classics. They also have monthly specials which can be a hit or miss but most of them are usually pretty good. It’s one of my favourite bakeries but they have been increasing their prices and its super expensive now, a lot more expensive than other popular bakeries with similar standards.


Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

Have not been here since they moved to their newer location. Nicer place with better seating options. The coffee was good as usual, dark roasted and nutty. The beef pie was surprisingly spicy, almost like a curry puff in the end. There other pastries and bakes are good, had them previously. Glad that they are doing well.

Nabila Silmina

Rated 5.0/5.0 a month ago

One of the best almond croissant I've ever had. A must visit when you're in Singapore. Their mouth-watering pastries are so tempting

Renie Ng

Rated 5.0/5.0 a week ago

Service is great! Pastries are nice too! Tried these items and they are delicious: -tuna red belado toasties -almond croissant -garlic twist with hot honey drizzle -dark chocolate sea salt sable -earl grey cake with blood orange glaze Will definitely revisit for the earl gray cake✨

Khairunnisa Azman

Rated 5.0/5.0 4 weeks ago

We came during their birthday week and got to order the donuts with chocolate, and it was so good! Also, love the garlic twist pastries (can’t remember the name!! But it’s the other pastries in my picture). Would recommend everyone to try that if you’re looking for something more savoury