Gardens You Tiao @ Serangoon Garden

49a Serangoon Garden, Singapore 555945 #01-33


$3 · Halal Certified · Bakery · Singaporean · Bakery · You Tiao

Daily: 07:00AM - 05:00PM

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Tze Chin Tan

Rated 5.0/5.0 4 weeks ago

Had their you tiao and tau suan today, excellent!! Plenty of tau suan beans with firm bite (not those diluted glue with minimal beans) and not overly sweet. So glad I did not miss this .

Cheng-Choon Si

Rated 5.0/5.0 2 years ago

This new tau-suan stall surprises me. The bean are more crunchy than most stalls, just like the Tiong Barhu tau-suan. The you-tiao is crispy and the owner is generous with the amount on top. Tried the goreng pisang and it's really good too. The banana is sweet and almost to the state of being creamy. It's a fantastic addition to the hawker centre!

Jeremy Ho

Rated 5.0/5.0 2 months ago

1st time trying their Tau Suan for breakfast, its hot and good. Will be back for more:) Do try the Nian Gao too, its awesome


Rated 5.0/5.0 7 months ago

I have had the tausuan on 3 different occasions and they tasted different each time. First time I had it, I was mind blown by how good it was. Loved how they had sweetened it with gula melaka instead of simply using white sugar. 2nd time, I couldn't taste the gula melaka at all and the tausuan wasn't brown either which made me wonder whether the use of gula melaka was a one time thing. Nevertheless, it was still sweet. 3rd time I had it, the tausuan wasn't sweet at all. I believe they had used gula melaka and I could taste the flavour and see its colour but it might not have been sufficient. This is still a good bowl of tausuan and I love the crispy chunky youtiaos. Quality just needs to be more consistent! Edit: Changing it to 5 stars because the stall had only just opened the first few times I tried it; they could still have been tweaking the recipe. Quality has been consistent the past couple of times when I bought it.


Rated 5.0/5.0 a year ago

Very good goreng pisong, which is getting harder and harder to find in Singapore.


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